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Charity Bottles

ownupload 1364929656 Charity Bottles
1999: Harley Davidson Bottle
This is from the 1999 Kentucky State Hog (Harley Owners Group) Rally. This bottle was dipped in black wax with an orange ribbon being held on with black wax stamped with 1999 and HOG logo. The funds from this bottle went directly to Spalding Hall.

Number of produced: #999

Size: 375ml
 Charity Bottles
2001: Blue To The Bone
The Blue to the Bone was a Charity Event.

Signatures: Guy Morris

Number of produced: #24
 Charity Bottles
2002: Liquor World's Crusade Bottle
History: The original Liquor World Crusade bottles were supposed to be limited to 1,200 bottles. However, the bottles themselves were not numbered, the hang tags were, so some believe the number is closer to 1,500. After that, there were several in-store dippings in gold wax, then a series in green wax. Most, but not all of those bottle have a stamp on the top of the bottle.

Number Produced: #1,200 (but very likely 1,500)
ownupload 1376323427 Charity Bottles
2004: Jimmy Valvano
This bottle was done for a Jimmy V Foundation fundraiser.

Size: 375 mL
ownupload 1364929568 Charity Bottles
2008: Breast Cancer Awareness
Details: White Bottle with pink wax, along with a pink "2008" wax stamp. The pink label features a woman. On one side of bottle reads “On behalf of St. Mark Catholic Church and Evening Among Friends, our celebrity fundraiser, the proceeds of this bottle will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It’s mission is to achieve prevention and find a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime by providing critical funding for innovative clinical and translational research at leading medical centers worldwide. The foundation is also focused on increasing public awareness about good breast health.” The other side names of an event in which proceeds benefited breast cancer awareness, Evening Among Friends, who hosted it, St. Mark Catholic Church, Richmond, Ky, by Rev. James W. Sichko, and on, October 25, 2008

Released: August 23, 2008

Number Produced #50

Size: 1L
ownupload 1364929043 Charity Bottles
2009: Lexington Philharmonic George Zack Bottle
General Info: In 2009 George Zach retired from the Lexington PhilHarmonic after 37 years of service.

Number Produced #300

Proceeds Benefit: Money Raised went directly to helping the Lexington Philharmoic.
ownupload 1364928968 Charity Bottles
2012: Ursuline Nuns 100th Year Anniversary Bottle
General Info: 2012 marked the 100th year anniversary for the Ursuline Nuns in Lebanon, Ky.

Number Produced #Less than 200

Proceeds Benefit: Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph to help out their ministries around the globe.
ownupload 1364929094 Charity Bottles
97-00: Mumme Bottle
These bottles were created in honor of Hal Mumme, former UK football coach from 1997-2000.

This particular bottle was bought from the Hal Mumme Foundation’s chairman.
ownupload 1364929172 Charity Bottles
Candy Cane Bottle
Supposedly, these bottles were auctioned off for a charity.

Only 5 of these bottles were made.

The Candy Cane was painted onto the wax.
ownupload 1364929252 Charity Bottles
Mardi Gras Bottle Dipped with Beads
Sometimes bottles want to get away and party, and that’s exactly what this bottle did. How else did it revived all those beads? Actually, this bottle was dipped with the beads attached, so I guess it got an early start.
The bottles that were dipped with the beads were auctioned off at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival in Bardstown for Katrina victims in New Orleans. According to the buyer it was the only one made, until another couple matched the winning bid and they made another
ownupload 1364929508 Charity Bottles
Mardi Gras Bottle without beads
These distributed in New Orleans, LA, however those Purple, Yellow, and Green wax bottles were dipped without the beads.

Size 1.75 L
ownupload 1364929596 Charity Bottles
Sal’s 1st Bottle
This was the first bottle done at Sal’s Italian Chophouse in Lexington, KY. The wax colors were chosen to represent the Italian flag.

Number of produced: #400

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  1. My mom pass away from Cancer. She had Breast Cancer and lived 14 more years, then it came back as Bone Cancer. She was not only my Mom, but My Best Friend. I would love to find one of these Bottles. Please help! Thank you for your time and consideration, it is greatly appreciated. Hugs

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