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Export Bottles

kgrhqfhjcce8fzyqibpnvhkgg60 57 132x300 Export Bottles   Export Bottlesby jdknaebel1 e1339676955478 128x300 Export Bottles

This particular bottle is from 1996 and has the “Old Style Sour Mash” label. Now labels say “Whisky” instead of “Bourbon”, and “Handmade” took the place of   “Old Style Sour Mash”

These export bottles are found all over the world, such as Asia, Europe, Middle East, BVI.

 by 300x225 Export Bottles      by jdknaebel 300x225 Export Bottles



brandon jap 2 126x300 Export Bottles

mark russell 127x300 Export Bottles

2005: Japanese Anniversary Bottle

This bottle was done for a Japanese company that was celebrating an anniversary. At least that’s how the story goes.







mike clark 167x300 Export Bottles2012: Happy Canada Day

This bottle was dipped for Canada Day, July 1st, which marks the anniversary of the formation of the union of the British North America provinces in a federation under the name of Canada, on July 1, 1867.

Bottle Details: Red over White wax, with an export “Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.








plamen petroff 123x300 Export Bottles


Bulgarian Flag Bottle

This a one of a kind bottle is dipped in White, Green and Red wax to represent the colors of the Bulgarian Flag. This bottle is also signed by Dave Pickerell in Sofia, Bulgaria

German Flag e1372080328576 141x300 Export Bottles


German Flag Bottle

This a one of a kind bottle is dipped in Black, Red, and Yellow wax to represent the colors of the Bulgarian Flag.







imag0215 227x300 Export Bottles

Italian  Bottle

This is an Armando Giovinetti Jr. Italian bottle with powerful 101 proof. This is a extremely rare bottle and is dressed with a green wax, tax strip, and green text on the label. Even though the exact date is difficult to determine, this bottle was produced sometime in the 60s or 70s.









photo3 e1355847816694 134x300 Export BottlesInternational Bottlerick miller 142x300 Export Bottles

General Info: These International bottle is believed to be from the early 70′s

Detail: Black wax with tax strip and black label with

International below Marker’s Mark

Number Produced: Unknown

100 7827 e1355771554475 112x300 Export Bottles

Size: Various







Various Export Bottles

 NEED MORE INFO: Most Export generally look the same now days, but during the “Old Style Sour Mash” days Maker’s was sending all different types of bottles. Some things you may notice is the Labels, Colors, and even Proof has been different. Also, with most bottles showing similarities, it’s hard to distinguish where the bottles came from.


rick miller 300x224 Export Bottles

rick miller back 300x224 Export Bottles








thomas newman flask2 105x300 Export Bottles

thomas newman flask 136x300 Export Bottles

.375 101 Proof Limited Edition bottle

Photos provided by: Thomas Newman










rick miller gold2 300x224 Export Bottlesrick miller gold 300x224 Export Bottles







Italian Export

sean miranda italy side 95x300 Export Bottles                                            sean miranda italy front 113x300 Export Bottles       sean miranda italy 95x300 Export Bottles



            France                               Australia                                Australia                              2013:Mexico

sean miranda france 116x300 Export Bottles         sean miranda aussi 117x300 Export Bottles         australia sean 119x300 Export Bottles           2013 06 08 13.12.57 e1372080527789 118x300 Export Bottles




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