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Fan Modified Bottles

 The bottles below were customized by the owner and not released from Maker’s Mark.

Send your very own Bottles to us at [email protected]!



 20120616 190841 jpg 179x300 Fan Modified Bottles   2012:  Etched Bottle

In honor of National Bourbon Day 2012 and Father’s Day, the tasting and etching events were held by Maker’s throughout KY where people could have a person message put into the Maker’s 46 Bottles. All Bottle have their own personal etching.








2013 07 20 15.01.33 e1376059696615 151x300 Fan Modified Bottles  2013 07 20 15.00.58 e1376059719391 145x300 Fan Modified Bottles   2013 07 20 14.51.40 293x300 Fan Modified Bottles

2013: Harley-Davidson 4th Street Bottles One of the ten Maker’s Mark bottles

Details: These pinstriped bottles were done for the Maker’s Mark Lounge on 4th street live. They will give one away each week during Thursday Bike Night Presented by Louisville Harley-Davidson.

Number Produced: 10 – All Different





david goff tuxedo bottle 155x300 Fan Modified BottlesTuxedo Bottle


These are regular bottles with a sharp looking Tux on. The Tuxedos were made and distributed by a lady that crafted all of them, so that one could own the James Bond of bottles.







32377 10200171240352544 340327009 n 138x300 Fan Modified Bottles

2012: Store Engraved Bottle

This bottle was sold in stores and engraved by the store owner.

Number Produced: ~48








vivian ambassador bottle e1361808018565 118x300 Fan Modified Bottles

 2011-Present: Hand Painted Ambassador Bottle

These bottle were made available through the Maker’s Mark website, and are all done by artist Vivian Hilliard. Over 300 of the bottles have been made, each with customs individual message.







photo4 119x300 Fan Modified Bottles

This bottle was created in 2013 where Ellen White participated in Walk Away From Colon Cancer 5K in August 2013, in honor of her father who passed away from colon cancer, August 1, 2012. She teamed up with Vivian Hilliard, who painted this bottle to commemorate the walk. The bottle as you can see has blue (painted) wax and the Walks logo featuring Ellen’s team name “”Team Victor E” (after her Dad). This bottle was auctioned off in the facebook group “Maker’s Mark Collector’s”, and all the proceeds went toward the race.









jeff huck 124x300 Fan Modified Bottles           jeff huck 2 125x300 Fan Modified Bottles            valantine bottle 129x300 Fan Modified Bottles            uk mandm 119x300 Fan Modified Bottles



joe b hall signed 136x300 Fan Modified Bottles           292041 214167095314545 2051180729 n e1340718987545 118x300 Fan Modified Bottles          jeff huck reds 143x300 Fan Modified Bottles       52320 489347347776854 1369773093 o e1354204431889 130x300 Fan Modified Bottles


534644 10152167364062588 1233714313 n e1354203908150 122x300 Fan Modified Bottles            18287 10152167597637588 330983527 n e1354204044904 129x300 Fan Modified Bottles       18188 10152168617767588 1636051356 n e1354204140420 123x300 Fan Modified Bottles          318915 10152168616847588 1983323022 n e1354204348458 119x300 Fan Modified Bottles


photo 9 279x300 Fan Modified Bottles         vivian bama e1361807803862 123x300 Fan Modified Bottles             vivian uofl 137x300 Fan Modified Bottles

994248 10100316121362560 113964113 n 225x300 Fan Modified Bottles          20130722 130250 e1376059460605 138x300 Fan Modified Bottles        David Goff UK Tribute Bottle 375ml 129x300 Fan Modified Bottles


BOTTLE LOUISVILLE BOTTLE Fan Modified Bottles              Bottle Tribute Indiana Hoosiers Fan Modified Bottles                 Ohio State Tribute Fan Modified Bottles


Oakland 122x300 Fan Modified Bottles Brandon Kentucky Football 126x300 Fan Modified Bottles David Goff UKUL Empty Football 250x300 Fan Modified Bottles David Goff UK Football 122x300 Fan Modified Bottles


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