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Heritage & History Bottles

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photo e1341337149446 133x300 Heritage & History Bottlesmatt lewis 101 green wax 122x300 Heritage & History Bottles

With the information that we already have from both owners is that this bottle was distributed around 1970-1971. It has green wax, a tax strip, and the Maker’s inside has 101 Proof Whisky.

Year: Name

General Info:


Number Produced




matt lewis 101 green 168x300 Heritage & History Bottlesmatt lewis 101 green box 168x300 Heritage & History Bottles






Need More Info! Email us at [email protected]



photo e1362417736209 125x300 Heritage & History Bottles

Around 1966-1975: VIP Bottle

General Info: These were the first bottle that Maker’s came out with that could be personalized. The size of the bottles have different measurement than what is used today. Since the introduction of this personalized bottle, there have been only 3 variations to this bottle since this one.

Detail: Gold wax with tax strip across the top, and Gold SIV stamp on front. Most bottles also have a label on the front that could of been personalize. These bottles also came with a box.

Number Produced: Unknown

Proof: 86

Size: 4/5 Quart


bottle limited edition makers mark select vip 217x300 Heritage & History Bottles

photo1 225x300 Heritage & History Bottles









Different Years

1968 122x300 Heritage & History Bottles    1971 750ml Makers 122x300 Heritage & History Bottles    1971 Makers 375ml 138x300 Heritage & History Bottles    19781 119x300 Heritage & History Bottles

          1968                                        1971                                 1971: Flask                           1978ish

1985 Makers 124x300 Heritage & History Bottles


1980ish: Gold VIP Bottles

1986 VIP2 e1372079553825 276x300 Heritage & History Bottles

1986 VIP e1372079580214 300x284 Heritage & History Bottles

If you have any additional information please contact us!





531943 10152352563845457 319682246 n e1355779993518 132x300 Heritage & History Bottles

1988: Stan Chauvin American Bar Association bottle

General Info: This bottle was created for the 1988 Mid Year Meeting of the ABA in Philadelphia, PA

Detail:Red wax, with custom Maker’s label.

Number Produced #25

History: Stan was the ABA president from 88-89 and from Louisville, Ky., as well as an UofL Law School. Supposedly, Bill Samuels and Stan were friends, which is why Makers made the bottle.




Jimmy Winkler  e1346419011858 140x300 Heritage & History Bottles

Barley Salesman Bottle

These bottle came in a Salesman kit that included corn, wheat, & barley









ingredient bottles 300x225 Heritage & History Bottles

Ingredient Bottles








1996 VIP e1376064259450 125x300 Heritage & History Bottles

 1996: VIP Blue Stamp

History: It is a VIP bottle that was an in store dipping at Liquor Barn, Lexington. You could get a label with whatever you wanted printed (name, etc) and they would send to you. There was only a small ad placed for this dipping and Bill Samuels was in attendance.

Number Produced: Around 40 made. No more than 50







The Club at Olde Stone 132x300 Heritage & History Bottles

 ???: The Club at Olde Stone

This bottle was created for The Club at Olde Stone golf corse in Bowling Green, Ky. It located on a table in the pro shop.








IMG 9363 32 141x300 Heritage & History Bottles???: Humidor Case w/ OSSM Bottle

If you have information on this bottle, please contact us![email protected] or on facebook “Makers Mark Bottles”










Mint Julep1 124x300 Heritage & History Bottles

2001-??: Mint Julep










Mint Julep 123x300 Heritage & History Bottles??-Present: Mint Julep













 Samuels wedding2 e1369150055747 166x300 Heritage & History Bottles 2004: Wedding Bottle

History: This bottle was create for Bill Jr’s daughter, Samantha, and now son-in-law, David’s wedding on January 3, 2004 at Saint Louis Bertrand Catholic Church. Bottles were given to family and friends.

Fun fact: Their faces were transposed onto the bodies for this bottle, because they never saw each other in their wedding attire until wedding day.

Number Produced: Unknown




david goff 2006 heritage bottle 118x300 Heritage & History Bottles

2006: Heritage Bottle

This is the first heritage bottle and was sold only at the distillery gift shop. Most bottles are autographed by Bill Samuels Jr. and the Master Distiller at the time, Dave Pickerell


heritage bottle 1 300x281 Heritage & History Bottles

2008: Heritage Bottle

This is the second heritage bottle and was sold only at the distillery gift shop. Most bottles are autographed by Bill Samuels Jr. and son, Rob Samuels.


brent sehnert makers white 157x300 Heritage & History Bottles

2011-Present: Maker’s White

General Info: The Whisky found in these bottles are non-barreled aged Whisky and can only be found at the distillery.

Detail: These bottles have it’s very own label and tag. Given that customers can dip their very own Maker’s White, all bottles vary if they are slammed or not.

Number Produced: Unlimited

Size: 750 ml

ALC./VOL: 45% (90 Proof)


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