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Name That Bottle!

photo e1341337149446 133x300 Name That Bottle!matt lewis 101 green wax 122x300 Name That Bottle!

That’s right folks! It’s that time of the week again to NAME THAT BOTTLE! This is what we’re looking for:

Year: Name

General Info:


Number Produced


With the information that we already have from both owners is that this bottle was distributed around 1970-1971. It has green wax, a tax strip, and the Maker’s inside has 101 Proof Whisky.

matt lewis 101 green 168x300 Name That Bottle!We also added this to ourmatt lewis 101 green box 168x300 Name That Bottle! new section, Heritage & History Bottles.

As information comes in I’ll fill it the blanks. You can contact us, with information, by e-mail or by commenting on the articular using your facebook account.


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