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Name That Bottle


05 cards bottle 124x300 Name That Bottle

Name That Bottle!…Umm it’s an 05 UofL bottle, correct? Yes it is. However, this is a very common bottle that hasn’t made it’s way to our website yet. Why you ask? There are many bottles that we just haven’t had a chance to get up on the site just yet because of a silly thing called life. At one point I thought, “I’ll get one bottle up a week, how hard could that be?” Oh boy, one bottle a week is tougher than I though. I’d posted some on Facebook and then when it came time to take care of my goal, poof it ended up a million pages down and it had lots of comments saying, “How much?”.

Well, this is going to be my second attempt to one bottle a week. I plan on at least once a week posting a bottle on the site and the information I get is the information I get. If the info is lacking, I’ll post the picture again in the future at a different time.

I know most people won’t read this far on my post, but if you have, please let me know if I post any bottles that are “Fan Modified”. You can contact us at [email protected] and your information will be anonymous.

With all that said, please help us out by giving us the title you believe this bottle should have and all the information you have on it, year, purpose, signatures, details, etc. You can post a comment after clicking on “Read More”.

Thanks you everyone for helping us out!

One last thing, as most has heard Maker’s Mark will now be putting a tad more water into their bottles. The way I look at it, as a collector, this is a win, win for us. If they stay true and keep this alcohol reduction, then all current bottles will be somewhat of a collectors item, like the “Old Style Sour Mash”. If they do it for a bit and switch back, you’ll have collectible “Fail Experiment” bottles to look forward to..

Happy Hunting and Cheers to all,



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