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NCAA Bottles

NOTE: NFL series bottles and College bottles can look very similar and since several teams have close to if not the exact same colors, here is how you tell the difference. On the NFL bottles, the word “HANDMADE” will all be capitalized, and the college bottles will be written in the normal script “Handmade”. Because of copy right laws, Maker’s wasn’t able or allowed to print anything on the bottles that referenced to the NFL or any of its teams. So Maker’s adjusted their labels in order for collectors to be able to differentiate between the NFL series and the College series.

.              bottle label a 300x67 NCAA Bottles       bottle label b1 300x86 NCAA Bottles


ACC : Atlantic Coast Conference

Big 12 Conference

Big East Conference

Big Ten Conference

SEC : Southeast Conference

Pac 12: Pacific 12 Conference


All Other Schools and Conferences


Note: The list that we received was the first series of bottles that were released. The list included name of the state from which it was from, followed by the team’s colors. (ex:Georgia Red Black) The fist color (Red) is the bottom color, and the second color (Black) is the top color.

The following list and bottles are based off that first series list that we received. Some additional bottles were released that same year. We have no records of these additional bottles that were sold.

If you can help us out with any photos, please do at [email protected]



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