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NFL Bottles

NOTE: NFL series bottles and College bottles can look very similar and since several teams have close to if not the exact same colors, here is how you tell the difference. On the NFL bottles, the word “HANDMADE” will all be capitalized, and the college bottles will be written in the normal script “Handmade”. Because of copy right laws, Maker’s wasn’t able or allowed to print anything on the bottles that referenced to the NFL or any of its teams. So Maker’s adjusted their labels in order for collectors to be able to differentiate between the NFL series and the College series.

.              bottle label a 300x67 NFL Bottles       bottle label b1 300x86 NFL Bottles
NFL                                                    College

AFC North

Cleavland Browns                   Pittsburgh Steelers              Cincinnati Bengals             Baltimore Ravens(s)

  copy of afcnorth 148x300 NFL Bottles              copy 3 of afcnorth 162x300 NFL Bottles             copy 4 of afcnorth 158x300 NFL Bottles             copy 2 of afcnorth 150x300 NFL Bottles

No. Produced #8,424                        #2,400                                         #5,940                                     #2,400

AFC East

Miami Dolphins*                            Buffalo Bills                   New England Patriots                   New York Jets

copy of afceast 151x300 NFL Bottles               copy 2 of afceast 148x300 NFL Bottles               copy 4 of afceast 154x300 NFL Bottles               copy 3 of afceast 152x300 NFL Bottles

-        #2,040                                         #600                                        #1,320                                       #1,560

AFC South

Houston Texans                    Tennessee Titans              Indianapolis Colts(s)              Jacksonville Jaguars

copy of afcsouth 159x300 NFL Bottles             copy 4 of afcsouth 157x300 NFL Bottles             copy 3 of afcsouth 160x300 NFL Bottles            copy 2 of afcsouth 161x300 NFL Bottles

-        #2,040                                        #1,200                                        #8,640                                       #600

AFC West

Denver Broncos*                  Oakland Raiders                   Kansas City Chiefs               San Diego Chargers

copy of afcwest 130x300 NFL Bottles               copy 4 of afcwest 161x300 NFL Bottles              copy 3 of afcwest 160x300 NFL Bottles              copy 2 of afcwest 163x300 NFL Bottles

-        #6,000                                     #6,000                                        #4,536                                         #300

NFC North

Detroit Lions                            Green Bay Packers(s)                Minnesota Vikings                  Chicago Bears

copy of nfcnorth 1 161x300 NFL Bottles             copy of nfcnorth 2 nfcsouth 1 158x300 NFL Bottles            copy 3 of nfcnorth 1 161x300 NFL Bottles            copy 2 of nfcnorth 1 159x300 NFL Bottles

-        #4,800                                         #7,992                                       #2,160                                      #13,284

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles            Dallas Cowboys+                 Washington Redskins            New York Giants(s)

copy of nfcsouth 2 nfceast 131x300 NFL Bottles               copy 4 of nfcsouth 2 nfceast 161x300 NFL Bottles              copy 3 of nfcsouth 2 nfceast 157x300 NFL Bottles               copy 2 of nfcsouth 2 nfceast 155x300 NFL Bottles

-        #3,840                                   #3,960                                         #2,100                                         #2,280

NFC South

New Orleans Saints(s)           Carolina Panthers              Tampa Bay Buccaneers              Atlanta Falcons

copy 3 of nfcnorth 2 nfcsouth 1 162x300 NFL Bottles            copy 5 of nfcsouth 2 nfceast 163x300 NFL Bottles            copy 2 of nfcnorth 2 nfcsouth 1 162x300 NFL Bottles           copy 4 of nfcnorth 2 nfcsouth 1 162x300 NFL Bottles

-        #1,500                                        #3,960                                       #3,960                                     #3,960

NFC West

Seattle Seahawks                San Fransisco 49ers              Arizona Cardinals                   St. Louis Rams

copy of nfcwest 159x300 NFL Bottles             copy 4 of nfcwest 154x300 NFL Bottles             copy 3 of nfcwest 156x300 NFL Bottles             copy 2 of nfcwest 157x300 NFL Bottles

-        #6,000                                         #600                                        #1,200                                      #3,888



*The entire NFL bottle collection are all dipped in 750ml bottles.  However, there was 1 Denver Broncos  and 1 Miami Dolphins bottle made as 1.0 liters. These were giving away at a Maker’s Mark NFL event, at an Establishment in St. Matthews, Ky, the night both teams played on Sunday Night Football in October of 2002. To win the bottles you had to buy some Makers, and “for each Makers drink you bought you got a ticket, that ticket got you football tosses thru a target hole. The top 4 had a throw off, the top 2 got the bottles, the other got other MM wax dipped gifts…How these 1.0 liter bottles were made. Emily, who ran the Ambassadors site had the entire event put together, she went to the MM Distillery that day to get the bottles & have them dipped in the Bronco & Dolphins colors. She grabbed 2 of the 1.0 liter bottles, not realizing the NFL collection was originally dipped with 750ml bottles. Thus, two 1.0 liter bottles were giving away.”     ~Jack Burge

 (s) The teams with (s)  text beside their team names, also has an additional bottle that commemorates their Super Bowl victory. Click here to view these bottles.

+In 2012 Maker’s came out with another set of Dallas Cowboy bottles that were only released in Texas. The bottles are simular in color but different in wax order and some text spacing on the label has changed. Below is a side-by-side compaison and a photo of the bottle individually.


704835 10100140088618590 1782837257 o e1360683521962 269x300 NFL Bottles             cowboys 2012 133x300 NFL Bottles









    • Sorry, we do not appraise Maker’s Items. Please check out the collectors fan page on facebook, most people on there have the same collection and might be able to tell you what they are worth.

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